Steam Trains in Your Garden

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A genuine best-seller some years back, I am delighted to have been able to reach agreement with both author Brian Wilson, and the original publishers - Australian Model Engineering, to reprint this book.

It is quite simply, brilliant, showing you how to build a 16mm gauge live steam locomotive, plus some passenger and freight rolling stock. If you have always dreamed of building a real steam locomotive, have a lathe (which needn't be big) and some patience, then you can build your dream from this book. Is it as good as Kozo Hiraoka's books ? It is on a par, and the model is smaller, simpler and cheaper.

The locomotive on which the design here is based is a 2' gauge John Fowler 0-4-0 shipped to Australia in 1923, but as is admirably shown in this book, the basic design can be modified to Hunslet, Peckett, even Decauville outline.

And it can be built for gas or coal firing. 189 beautifully produced pages with 137 detail drawings, sketches of set-ups and123 colour photos. Hardbound.

Welcome to the world of live steam!

NB - 'Model Engineers Laser' have produced a considerable number of laser-cut parts for the designs in this book - click HERE for details