Talyllyn Pioneers


Michael Whitehouse’s family had spent family holidays on the west coast of Wales since the Edwardian era, so it is not surprising that his father Pat was in the forefront of plans to preserve the Talyllyn Railway, after the death of its long-time owner.

This lovely book tells the story of the Talyllyn, and in particular the early preservation era, largely in the words of those who were part of this pioneering venture - Pat Whitehouse,Tom Rolt, John Snell, David Curwen, Bill Faulkner, Pat Garland, The Earl of Northesk, the author himself, and others. Not only is this book a wonderful read, it is crammed with photographs from those early days, largely in B&W, plus many more modern, and colour, illustrations.

It is a real joy, and very highly recommended! 248 pages and hardback.