TGOJ lok och vagnar -BOOK & DVD

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The Trafikaktiebolaget Grängesberg – Oxelösunds Järnvägar was a private railway in eastern-central Sweden formed from three companies, whose main function was the transport of iron ore to the port and ironworks at Oxelösund, and not nationalised along with most of Sweden’s railways in 1939.

Outside Sweden it is probably best known as the only railway worldwide to successfully operate a fleet of steam turbine locomotives between 1930 and the 1970s. This well produced book covers the railway’s history, its locomotive - steam, steam-turbine, electric and diesel-electric, railcars - steam and IC, passenger coaches, wagons and service vehicles in some detail. PLUS it includes a 152 minute DVD  showing preserved steam lcomotives, including the turbine, and other locomotives, in action. 320 pages. Vast numbers of photos, both B&W and colour, a few drawings, and rosters. Hardbound.

Swedish text but GREAT VALUE for a quality book, and two and a half hours of film!