The Artful Bodger's Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace


Inspired by Dave and Vince Gingery, Colin Peck decided to build his own furnace, and can now melt aluminium to copper either directly in the furnace (tapped from a spout), or in a crucible. It can also comfortably melt around 25 lbs of cast iron in approximately an hour, running on (free) waste oil - then he wrote the whole thing up as a book, and here it is. Like most of these projects, the dimensions aren't critical, and the major parts of Colin's furnace are based on a stainless steel beer barrel, and parts from an old 'Dyson' vacuum cleaner, so this really is a cheap project to both build and run - and, dammit, it is British. But whilst this design will knock the pants of every other furnace design around, it has to be said that Colin's forte is ideas, rather than writing; his enthusiasm is evident in his writing, and you can most certainly build the furnace from the drawings, photographs and description in this book, but you are going to have to use your grey-matter a bit more than you would with a Gingery book - and is that such a bad thing! Want a brilliant furnace for your home foundry? This is it. 84 ring-bound pages, with a good number of construction photos, and some drawings.