The Blue Bird Years: Donald Campbell and The Pursuit of Speed

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Publisher: Sigma Press

Publication Date: 2001

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Good, a few marks on the front and back cover. 

Edition: 3rd Edition

Fully revised edition of the best-selling classic book that documented Donald Campbell's attempts to raise the world water-speed record in his "Bluebird" jet-propelled boat to 300mph - Written by the man who was with Campbell throughout all the preparations and the final attempt that ended in tragedy - Of great interest to all those that remember when Britain broke record after record - and when we once held the air, land and water speed records simultaneously - A book that recalls the triumphs of British engineering in the face of technological barriers - and not a computer in sight! - A remarkable story of the courage and heroism of one man that united the nation - Dramatic photographs, including rare ones never seen in any previous book, have been digitally enhanced for superb reproduction: close-ups of "Bluebird" and shots of record attempts at full speed - Includes a foreword by Leo Villa, Bluebird's chief engineer, plus considerable new material to paint the true story of Donald Campbell by those who knew him - including a unique feature on his daughter, Gina Campbell, and her own record successes in power boats. The legend lives on!