THE CLYDE - the making of a river


 A facsimile reprint of Clyde Navigation first published in 1979, this tells the history of how the Clyde upstream of its Firth was steadily enlarged and dredged from the 17th century  from a small river to one which ultimately could take the 'Queens' and other great ships down to the sea.

It is a story of innovation, lateral thinking and economic neccesity fearuring well known engineers of the day - Telford, Rennie and Smeaton, as well as John Golborne who is virtually unknown today, but who was instrumental in opening the river up.

And of course there is Glasgow whose rapid emergence as a leading heavy engineering centre, drove the development of the river on.

A fascinating and very good 'read' - 399 pages, 176 photos, drawings and maps, some of the photos somewhat murky because of the reprinting. Paperback.