The Crowsnest Chronicles


The complete story of the Crownest Tramway, a small 2 foot gauge mining railway which ‘once upon a time’ was to be found in Shropshire.

The obsession of Roy C. Link, publisher extraordinaire of narrow gauge books, there have been three iterations of this line, in 1:48, 1:18 and1:32 scale. The first was essentially a shunting ‘game’, the second more conventional and the thirst and final(?) version returning to something like the first track layout.

What distinguishes them all is the extraordinary standard of the modelling itself - all the photographs in this book are of the models, and when complete it is near impossible to believe the subjects are not the real thing.

Roy tells of the story of each layout, his techniques and how he built the items. This really is a book to gulp at, learn from and enjoy. It is also fantastic value.

96 pages, 174 photographs, mainly in colour. 25 drawings, diagrams and plans. A4 format paperback.