The Dam Builders - Power from the Glens


One of the most ambitious civil engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK started just after WW11; by the end a workforce of up to 12,000 men had constructed some fifty major dams and power stations, almost 200 miles of tunnels, 400 miles of road and over 20,000 miles of power line.

The Ben Cruachan project is the best known, but in all a web of green power had been created in the Scottish Highlands, bringing electricity to much of the region for the first time, and powering much of Scottish industry in the Central Belt.

This book tells the story of the whole project in highly readable detail, and frequently through the words of those who worked, often in appalling conditions, to bring it to fruition.

Highly readable and highly recommended. 256 pages. 108 B&W photographs. Numerous good maps and some drawings. Large format paperback.