The Degulbeef & Cradding Railroad


The history and construction of a mining and logging model layout.

The author of this superb book is French (but the book is in English) and spent 26 years in Canada, before returning to his native country. During his time in North America, he was bitten by the model railroading bug, and developed a number of layouts, all edging towards the present Degulbeef & Cradding RR, which finally arrived at the SN3 layout described here.

In essence the first 114 pages cover this long process, often very amusingly, but it is the last 74 pages, where the author describes his techniques, which sets this book up as a ‘must have’.

He describes building baseboards, track laying and making, point controls, making ashpits and turntables, terrain and scenery, making latex molds, modelling water, making trees, buildings, rolling stock and locomotives, and much, much more. Throughout there are vast numbers of top-notch photos, mainly in colour, diagrams, etc. 191 pages. Hardback.

ALSO includes a DVD with a professionally made 20 minute film of the railroad, and an interview with the author.

We apologise for the increase over the price in the Booklist, but this title was priced nearly a year ago, long before the pound sterling's post Brexit fall. This book represented great value before - it now offers good value.