The General & The Texas

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Pictorial Histories Publishing 1999 - First Edition

'A Pictorial History of the Andrews Raid April 12, 1862' an event better known as 'The Great Locomotive Chase', when James J. Andrews  and a raiding party from the North took a train on the Western & Atlantic Railroad and headed north towards Chattanooga with the intention of burning down bridges to reduced the ability of the Confederate forces to respond to an adnace by Union forces.

That they failed was down to the tenacity of William J. Fuller, the conductor of the stolen tain who set off in hot pursuit. The two locomotives involved were, of course, the 'General' and the 'Texas'.

Probaly as comprehensive a book on the raid as you will find. 154 pages full of mainly B&W illustrations. Paperback.

CONDITION: internally very good. Cover somewhat bent, more especially at the back.