The Glasgow & South Western Railway - a History


The third largest of Scotland’s railway companies, the G&SWR was unusual in a number of respects - it was largely Glasgow backed and paid for, it served a very clearly defined area, indulging in little protectionist building of unnecessary lines, and it was profitable virtually all its life. Indeed a recent analysis of British private railway companies per-grouping suggested it was the ‘least inefficient’ railway company of all.And, in James Manson’s 4-6-0s it had perhaps the most beautiful of all Edwardian steam locomotives.

David Ross’s history covers all this and especially charts the G&SWR’s relationship with the area it served, including the industry of south Glasgow, the mines further south, the services to move the coal and the Clyde Coast traffic, and their associated steamers.

252 pages. Numerous maps and B&W illustrations. Hardbound.

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