The Great Steam Chase: The Last Days of steam on BR's Southern Region


Second Hand 

Publisher: The History Press Ltd

Publication Date: 2013

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Good

Amassing over 52,000 miles from Kent to Cornwall, here is Keith Widdowson's journey as he raced against time to chronicle the steam locomotives on the Southern Railway before its ultimate transferral to diesels 45 years ago. From sleep deprivation to gung ho drivers, this is no ordinary train spotter's diary but a nostalgic and evocative look back to how things really were in those steam days. A must read for enthusiasts and locals to the closed railways alike, this is one man's journey with 130 contemporary images to capture the Railway as it was then, fully aware that things were about to change for good (but not necessarily for the better). This is the perfect accompaniment to the ever-growing interest in how the railways used to be. It is a personal and informed account that all people with any interest in the Southern Railway or steam in general will no doubt relate to.