The Home Energy Handbook

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Publisher: Centre for Alternative Technology  

Publication Date: 2012  Pages: 217

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Good

The Home Energy Handbook is CAT's definitive guide to saving and generating energy. Covering energy efficiency, insulation, passive solar, solar water heating, wood fuels, heat pumps, combined heat and power, solar PV, micro-hydro and small scale wind power, it shows you how to choose the right technology for your situation. Bringing together all the main energy saving and renewable technologies in one book, The Home Energy Handbook helps you make the most carbon- and cost-effective decisions whilst delivering the biggest improvements to quality of life, both in your home and in your community. The Home Energy Handbook prepares you for the big energy and climate challenges of the 21st century whilst showing you how to calculate and cut your carbon emissions in the most effective way. A comprehensive handbook for energy action that gives you the practical know-how to change the way you live and the big picture vision to change the world around you