The Hunt Collection - J. & H. McLaren Ltd. Company Photographs


A wonderful collection of photographs found in McLaren’s Airedale Works after they had ceased manufacturing industrial items, including works photographs and photos of the firm’s products at work taken by their agents.

Whilst best-known nowadays for their traction engines, McLarens switched quickly to IC engined products after the First World War, as well as agricultural equipment, and all feature in this book.

The chapters cover Steam Engines, Diesel Agricultural Tractors, Diesel Conversions, Windlass models, Trailers, Living Vans, Furrow Presses & Road Rippers, Cultivating Equipment, Punt Sets, Cable Operated Dredging and Land Levelling Scoops, Trench Cutting, and other diesel powered equipment.

Plus there a sections covering Stump Grubbing and Land Clearance in Saigon and Australia, Cultivation in Java, Reclaiming the Zuiderzee, and 1913 Hungarian Ploughing Trials in Galanta. 166 well presented pages. Around 300 B&W photographs, plus some drawings, all with detail captions. A4 format paperback.