The Knife and Fork Man- The Life and Work of Charles Benjamin Redrup

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Second Hand

Publisher: Diesel Publishing

Publication Date: 2007

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: Good, Some slight wear on the front cover. Otherwise, excellent condition. 

Edition: 1st Edition  Pages: 319

Born in Newport, South Wales. This natural and highly talented engineer has played his part in many aspects of motive power on land, air and sea.. His 'Barry' Motorcycle (locally named) a twin cylinder Rotary, unlike any other. His Contra-rotating Rotary "Reactionless" WW1 Aircraft engine, the release mechanism for the 'Dam-Busters' bouncing Bomb, the Wobble-Plate axial Engine for a Motor Launch - also used by Crossley Cars and even in Trams. This is just touching the tip of the Iceberg of this Man's work. To read his full story and his family's involvement is a revelation