The Machinist's Cookbook (LAST COPIES)


In one sense, this is a cookbook of serious American recipes for just about everything, plus the usual Cooking Charts, but the subtitle is '220 recipes for Men with Big Appetites and Big Tools', which suggests a certain levity, and this is there certainly is. It is written by a male machinist, and intended for us by male machinists, so that you have such items as 'Jacob's Chuck Roast' and 'Cross Feed Crab Cakes', not to mention 'Power-Feed White Lasagna', each recipe with its own 'Feeds and Speeds' (think about it).

If you want to cook something different, then this is actually a perfectly decent cookbook, and the jokes aren't really always necessary. But if you ignore them, put on your chef's apron and get stuck in, you will undoubtedly end up with some interesting and tasty food to serve to your friends and loved ones.

278 spiral bound pages, each recipe having a whole page to itself, and illustrated with vaguely engineering orientated sketches of varying degrees of relevance. Card covers