THE RAILWAY - British Track Since 1804


Track is the one absolute necessity of a railway, yet this is the first comprehensive technical history of the subject, from the early wooden plateways, up to the present day.

Covered here is every component of the track, from the sleeper, rail and chair, up to the various parts of points - and their geometry, not forgetting the tools and machines involved in laying and maintaining it. Track for narrow gauge railways, trams, rack railways, and electric railways are also covered. And whilst this tells of the development of track on Britain’s railways, in reality track technology developed internationally, so there is much on overseas practice as well.

This superbly produced and important book will be of interest to anyone involved with the track on any railway - preserved or otherwise, the railway historian, the fine-scale railway modeller and anyone laying a passenger carrying miniature railway. Nearly 200 specially commissioned drawings as well as large numbers of B&W photographs. 458 pages. Hardbound.

Highly recommended - as you might have guessed!