The Reliant Robin - Britain's Most Bizarre Car

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This good read is very badly served by its title, as whilst the Robin three-wheel car is at its core, in reality this is a 'lite' history of the Reliant Engineering Company Limited, from its founding on the 1st April 1935 up to the final end of the marque in 2000. It is the story of an astute engineer and business man, Tom Williams, who saw a market for cheap vans, pre-war, and developed these into cheap to buy and run cars and vans post-war.

So this isn't just the history of the Robin, but of all the vehicles Reliant produced, from the original vans that appeared to have a motor-cycle sticking out of their fronts, the first three-wheeler, the Regal, the four wheeled SabreScimitar and Rebel, the Bug (sold under the Bond name), to the various Robin cars and vans. This is also a brief history of the Bond range of cars, whose manufacturer was taken over by Reliant.

112 larger format pages. Around 150 illustrations (many in colour). Highly readable and interesting text. Paperback.