The Silver Short Line - A History of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad

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First Edition. Trans-Anglo Books 1983

Built to serve the Comstock Silver Lode, Nevada's V & T RR kept going until May 1950, by which time the silver was long gone. However it had kept many of the considerable numnber of locomotives it had bought during the bonanza years of the previous century, and regularly and casually used these isn regular service.

In the late 1930s Hollywood realised to had a complete genuine old-time railroad close at hand, and the impecunious V&T realised it had considerable assets which it drip-fed to the studios to keep going.

 This very enjoyable book is its history, and the history of its equipment in considerable detail, by two well known authors who knew the line in its later days.

270 pages. Over 400 B&W photos, maps, line drawings of locomotives and passenger and freight equipment etc. Hardbound.

Condition - Dust jacket is slightly worn, otherwise good.