The Soviet Influence: Battleship Potemkin & Drifters • DVD & Blueray • B&W & Colour • 110 minutes LAST FEW COPIES


One of the seminal films of all time, Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 drama-documentary ‘Battleship Potemkin’ still carries an enormous emotional charge nearly 90 years after it was made.

It tells of the events leading to the revolt of the crew of the Imperial Russian Navy’s cruiser ‘Potemkin’ in 1905, and of the after effects of the revolt - this section somewhat amended from reality for dramatic and propaganda reasons.

Not seen in public in the UK until 1929, it was then shown with John Grierson’s film ‘Drifters’, which whilst on the completely different subject of North Sea fishing, was stylistically influenced by Eisenstein’s work. 

These two films are reunited here, and joined by Grierson’s 1934 short ‘Granton Trawler’, Harry Watt’s 1938 ‘North Sea’, and a 6 minute animated short from Len Lye ‘Trade Tattoo’ (1937).

A wonderful, and highly viewable, selection.

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