The Stonemason A History of Building Britain


A stonemason's story of the building of Britain: part archaeological history, part deeply personal insight into an ancient craft.

In his thirty-year career, stonemason Andrew Ziminski has worked on many of Britain's greatest monuments. From Neotlithic monoliths to Roman baths and temples, from the tower of Salisbury Cathedral to the engine houses, mills and aqueducts of the Industrial Revolution and beyond, this is his very personal history of how Britain was built - from the inside out.

Stone by different stone, culture by different culture, the author shows us how the making of Britain's buildings offers an unexpected new version of our island story.

This is not a tutorial on working stone, although, more or less incidentally, you will pick-up quite a lot on the tools and how they are used. However, this doesn't diminish the book's appeal in the slightest

Enjoyable, informative, very well written, frequently amusing and highly recommended. 316 pages. No illustrations other than drawings at the start of each chapter. Hardbound.