The Tavistock Canal - Its History and Archaeology H/B

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Built between 1803 and 1817, the Tavistock Canal connected Tavistock with the Tamar river at Morwellham. Only 4 1/2 miles long, of which 1 1/2 miles were a tunnel, it was a mineral canal intended to carry copper, lead and tin ore to the quays at Morwellham for shipping to South Wales smelters and elsewhere. It closed in 1873 as a result of railway competition.

This book tells the complex history, not just of Canal Company, but also of the numerous mines and other industries it served. It also describes, in considerable detail, what remains, and was found during archaeological investigations along the canal, at at the mine sites, as well as at Morwellham Quay, now a well known tourist site.

This is a huge book of some 550 pages, with upwards of a 1000 illustrations, photos, maps and drawings and weighs 2.5 kgs.