The Trains We Rode (2 volume set)


The last books from the great American railroad book partnership of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg - Beebe doing most of the writing, and Clegg largely dealing with the illustrations and photographs. Beebe died in 1966 just as Volume 1 weas about to be published by Howell North Books, Clegg overseeing the publication of Vol. 2. Between them Beebe, Clegg and Howell North produced some of the very best of American railroad literature.

The subject  of these volumes is the American passenger train, preferably named, and many of the depots, large and small, used to join or leave them. Grouped by railroad, Vol 1 - 465 pages, with 801 illustrations, six in full color, and a new paintings by Howard Fogg. 1st edition, Volume Two, 511 pages, with 750 illustrations, five in full color, and two new paintings by Howard Fogg.

Condition is very good, but both volumes lack dust jackets.

NOTE - both volumes came from the library of Robert A Le Massena, another noted American railroad writer, and expert on Western railroads, and both are warmly dedicated to him by Charles Clegg, with thanks for his help.