The Tramways of Brighton and its Surrounds


Brighton's tramway systems started in 1884, although arguements between Brighton's Town Council and that of its neighbour Hove meant that a 'joined up system' didn't start until 1901, and this lasted until 1939.

So far so fairly normal for a smallers tramway system, but what really makes this book interesting for me, are the six 'tramways' of the surrounds. The most obvious of these is Volk's Electric Railway, described in detail as is the 'Brighton and Rottingdean Seashore Electric Tramway' - the one that ran through the sea. Then there are shorter chapters on the 'Glynde Telpherage Aerial Tramway', the terrifying passenger carrying 'Devil's Dyke Aerial Tramway', and the "Devil's Dyke Steep Grade Tramway' - in reality a funicular. Fascinating reading!

107 page A4 paperback with numerous archive B&W photographs, plus maps and some diagrams.