The Tricks & Secrets of Old-Time Machinists [1916]


If you were on the shop floor of an engineers some ninety plus years ago, chances are your read American Machinist Magazine whenever you could get hold of a copy - it was THE magazine of choice. One of its most useful features were Hints and Tips provided by the readers, all experienced machinists, and this book is a selection of the bumper number that appeared in 1916 - around 150 of them, the vast majority illustrated. And they are GOOD! Don’t let their age put you off as only a few are dated, most being as useful now as when they were written. Many of these articles deal with machines and parts larger than the norm for model engineers, but it is easier to scale down than scale up, and it is the underlying idea that counts. More useful ideas in one book than we have seen for years - and at a bargain price! 96 well illustrated pages. Paperback.