The Yeoman Story

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Pub  Ash Tree Publications    By Robin Thornes 2011

Mostly  B&W  photos  later ones in colour. 

Front and back slightly marked. Inside back covers  artistically (?) enhanced by a young child with a marker pen, otherwise good. 19 1/2 by 25 cm.

This book has been written to celebrate the life and achievements of Angela Yeoman’s late husband John Foster Yeoman and his family. The story begins in the Yorkshire port of Scarborough and the book follows the fortunes of John’s grandfather, Francis, and his rise to become a shipowner and public figure in his adopted town on Hartlepool. It then goes on to tell of how his father, Foster, worked his way up within the iron and steel industry and, after seeing active service in France in World War I, came to Somerset to establish the quarrying company which bore his name.

The Yeoman Story is, first and foremost, a history of that company – Foster Yeoman Ltd – the business in which John spent his working life and built up into an acknowledged leader in the industry. Its development is traced from its early days at Dulcote Quarry near Wells in the 1920s, through to the creation of a coastal superquarry at Glensanda in Scotland in the 1980s. The book also explains the role played by the company in the renaissance of Britain’s railways following the Beeching era, and the Yeoman family’s return to the shipping industry more than 50 years after German U-boats sank its first fleet.

Foster Yeoman was a family business and always placed strong emphasis on the welfare of its employees, a concern that was appreciated and created a working relationship that helped make it one of the most productive companies of its kind.