Vertical Boiler Locomotives and Railmotors built in Great Britain Volume Two


The first volume of this book, written by Rowland Abbott, was published in 1989, and is long out of print. In reality, this much larger Volume is freestanding, although it does refer to the earlier version from time to time.

Detailed in this book’s 296 pages are 72 British builders of vertical boiler locomotives, from the earlier days of steam power, up to the present. Each concern is described, and there is a works list/product history where known. Logically enough the number of pages allocated to a producer largely relates on the number of engines produced; Sentinel have by far the largest number of pages devoted to them, but then they produced far more VB locomotives than any other, across every gauge.

A huge amount of fascinating information on VB locos of every gauge imaginable, but very few drawings. 284 illustrations, the bulk B&W and two to an A4 format page. Hardbound.