Waverley Route - the battle for the Borders Railway


With the UK government at last realising that some railway lines shut during the Beeching ear of the1960s should really be reopened, this is a timely third edition of a book which looked at the history of the second longest line shut, the 98 mile ‘Waverley Route’ from Edinburgh to Carlisle.

Around two-thirds of the book is devoted to the history of the line and, in considerable depth, the very intense battle to keep it open.

The remainder covers the rebuilding of the first 30 miles south from Edinburgh, which finally reopened in September 2015, and subsequent operation, noting the errors made, and the successes.

The author was directly involved in the process which led to the rebuilding, and this is a fascinating insight into the whole saga. 300 pages, well illustrated with both B&W and colour photographs, and maps. Paperback.