Westinghouse No. 6 ET & 8 ET Locomotive Brake Equipment Charts and Instruction Pamphlet for the 6-ET system


Contains two large folders of charts and drawings, both B&W and colour for Westinghouse's 6ET and 8ET locomotive brake equipment. These dated 1942 & 1944 respectively, both published by Interrnational Textbook Company.

Also includes Westinhouse Instruction Pamphlet No. 5032 dated 1983on the ^-ET equipment. 128 smaller format p[ages, including 44 photos and diagrams in the text, plus 8 fold out charts (B&W). Paperback.

CONDITION: the outer covers of both charts have deteriorated and parted from the contents. That for the No. 8 system is well marked, both by time and oily fingers.Whilst showing signs of heavy use, the charts themselves are generally clran and in good condition.

The instruction pamphlet, whilst shopwing signs of use, is in decent condition.

Rare Information!