Within these Hills: A Study of Corris Uchaf

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End of Line

Publisher: Sara Eade 2011    Author: Sara Eade  

Condition: Very Good, crease on the back page and corner of front page. 

Soft back book including 208 pages and copious amounts of maps, photographs and drawings in colour and black and white. 

Chapters include; Braichgoch Quarry; locmotives at Braichgoch Quarry; transportation underground; the Parish of Talyllyn - Corris, Talyllyn Lake, St. Mary's church, education at Talyllyn; a description of the Upper Corris Tramway when it was working; details about a proposed extension to Tir Stent in 1863; some key characters - Arthur Causton, Joseph Richards Dix, Jenny Griffiths/Jones, Alfred William Hughes, Donald Steuart George, Evan Rowlands, the Birley family; Braichgoch Inn; Tynyberth Board School; Upper Corris shops; Upper Corris chapels; Eglwys Zinc; memories of some of the population