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Digital Editions may be ordered and downloaded 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

Digital books enable us to make a number of Camden's Out of Print books available again, as well as some 'New' ones. We have also added the drawings for the smaller of the Leak Compound Marine Engines, which can be downloaded as a set for printing A3 size.

These items are not ebooks, being completely different, with the original layouts staying the same, and illustrations and technical drawings showing up well.

Digital books of this type involve a download to your computer, tablet or mobile phone, so are NOT suited to Kindles or similar ebook readers.

If you order one of these books, you will be able to download a 'Zip File' which should be saved to your Downloads folder. This file will need to be decompressed - this may happen automatically, but if not, double-click on the icon, and in a few seconds a decompressed folder will appear. This has a number of folders inside it, and on computers and tablets we would recommend you open the folder called 'index.html' which should open the book with a control panel at the bottom where you can change pages, change the image to full page (recommended), search (click once on the magnifying glass icon, and type in the search word in the box that appears) and so on. For viewing on mobile phones, we would recommend opening the folder 'pages'; inside this is another folder 'mobile', which we suggest you use.

When you order a digital book, once the order has been placed an on-screen acknowledgement will appear which will enable you to immediately download the zip-file. You will also receive a standard 'Camden' order acknowledgement by email, and a second email which will confirm the download link.

We have tested these files on Mac computers, PCs, android tablets, iBooks, android phones and iPhones, and whilst the way some of these deal with the files differ, it has always been easy to open the book following these instructions.


Digital downloads are currently subject to VAT at 20% within the UK and the prices quoted embody this. Under current EU regulations, purchasers in other EU countries are taxed on digital products, either at their national rate of VAT or, in the case of some countries, at a special rate for digital products, so price they are charged will vary slightly.

Customers outside the EU are not, of course, charged VAT at all!