TRADES DESCRIPTION ACT: Every effort has been made to describe the books, magazines, videos and DVDs in this list correctly. Any errors are unintentional and will be corrected if you advise us of them. Where opinions of items have been expressed, these are those of the writer and should be treated as such, although they are made in good faith and take into account what are believed to be our customers’ interests and tastes.

ORDERING: Use the shopping basket to order on-line, or print it to send us orders by POST, or FAX to 01373-830516 if ringing from within the UK, or +44 -1373-830516 from overseas

PRICES: Every effort is made to keep prices up-to-date; however we reserve the right to amend prices without notice. The showing of a price does not indicate that an item is always in stock, although we try to keep it that way! Where a book is marked as “Supplies erratic...”, please accept that there may be extra delays in its supply.

VAT: At the time of going to press, books and magazines are zero rated for VAT; DVDs and other items are subject to VAT and this is included in the prices quoted. Private customers in EEC member states must pay British VAT, but it is not charged on exports to non EEC countries.

PAYMENT:  On-line payments may be made through the secure Payment Gateway, using most credit cards (but not American Express or Diners Club), or through PayPal.

If you don’t have a credit card you can pay us by Bank Draft or Money Order drawn, in sterling, on a U-K Bank, or by transfer to our account with:

                        Lloyds TSB Bank Plc.,


                        IBAN Number: GB11LOYD30991324759668

paying all the bank charges, including our own.

We regret that we cannot accept ANY type of personal cheque drawn on a non U-K bank.

DATA PROTECTION ACT: we are registered under the above Act as we keep customer computer records, so that we can give you the best possible service. You can request sight of, and deletion, of your record if you wish, but this could adversely affect our service to you.

VISITORS AND HOURS OF BUSINESS:Visitors are very welcome during business hours, but please note that whilst we do have a “Showroom”, we are a mail order business, NOT a shop, and a prior telephone call will ensure that we can give you good service, and save you a wasted journey.

Rode is located about 10 miles south-east of Bath, just off the A36.

Our OPENING HOURS are Monday - Friday 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.    

DVD Regions: most of the DVDs we offer are not Regionalised, and will play worldwide. However some are regionalised to Region 2 which does NOT include Australasia, the USA or Japan so will not play in these countries unless you have an ‘All Regions’ DVD player; they will, however, play on most computers.  These DVDs are indicated by (2) after ‘DVD’ in the Price Line.