Laser-Cut Parts for "Ellie" the steam tram locomotive

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These kits of Parts are intended to speed up the construction process for your "Ellie" by providing you with precision laser-cut parts.

Parts to be added are Engine Mounts for both the Single Cylinder engine described and a Twin Cylinder variant (not described), plus a Superstructure kit.

PLEASE note that we do not supply any other items or materials for "Ellie". However gears for the standard version of this engine may be found on the internet, notably at 'Meccano Spares'. For the gears for the Jackshaft version, 'Gears and Sprockets' look promising, as does 'eBay'. For other materials, safety valves, pressure gauges etc, we recommend 'Blackgates Engineering'; these links are all to British suppliers.

The Construction Manual for "Ellie" will be found HERE.