The Darjeeling Garratt and the engine it tried to replace



Available again after some years out of print, in this book Peter Manning provides detail dimensioned drawings plus 3D CAD ones, of the second Garrattt locomotive built - the ‘D’ class for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, plus drawings for the ‘B’ class 0-4-0 tanks it was intended to replace.

Whilst a significant development in the evolution of Garratts, the ‘D’ class locomotive wasn’t repeated on the DHR, and the 0-4-0 tanks continue to the present.

With a model of the Garratt now available for 16mm narrow gauge, and drawings and castings available for the ‘B’ class in the larger steam gauges, this is a very useful book for modellers, as well as anyone interested in Garratts in general.

72 landscape format and ringbound pages.

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